Clare (or Clair) is the genderswapped version of Clarence from the Adventure Time episode "Ghost Princess". It was created by EonDevilxj.


Clare has a navy-blue jacket with a bluish-grey outline. She has a top the same color as her skirt, jeans and jacket. She has no shoes, black dots for eyes, and a band around her head with two reindeer looking antlers. On one antler, a string attached to a cross-looking figure hangs. She has a skin color a little bit lighter than her jacket. She also has hair nearly covering her eyes and usually sways in the air (as shown in the photo)


As a ghost, Clare had the ability to float and to pass through objects with ease.


Clare died after killing Warrior Prince (Ghost Prince). She was at the Squeeze-E-Store when she died. What happened was that she was feeling depressed, so much that she ate too much Softy Cheese, and exploded. The incident traumatized Cake so badly, she avoided Softy Cheese.